Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, in between doing 1001 little things in preparation for Christmas I  have managed to make another couple of blocks for my granddaughter's quilt. The first was paper pieced:
I quite like the precision of paper piecing as well as the challenge and sure enough, this block was a bit of a challenge!!! I think my triangles must have been a little smaller than those in the book with the result that my plain lime pieces needed to be a bit bigger. The pattern tells you what sizes to cut in advance and so these were a bit smaller than I would have liked. If I were to make this block again I would cut the fabric as and when I needed it rather than rely on the shape and size suggested.

The other block is made out of one of my favourites - halfsquare triangles:
 I was a bit worried that all those seams needed to be accurate so probably overcompensated and  so it is a bit over the 12 1/2 inches. I now need to decide which points will be noticed least if they are missing after I trim it but shhh, don't tell anyone!

As I am fairly new to quilting I still can't believe how quickly these blocks can be sewn. Over the years I have spent many hours crocheting blankets for myself, my children and my grandchildren and they take a long time, especially as the yarn is 4ply. The children love them as they are soft and cuddly.  I have just finished the latest one which is 7feet by 5feet ready for my 5yearold grandson
 The hexagons are easy to join together as you crochet and they give the blanket a lot of stability in that it doesn't stretch like squares would do.

Two grandchildren left to make a blanket for but hey, I think I may have said that once  before and more grandchildren came on the scene. I can but hope!

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Val said...

More great blocks! I love your crochet blanket. The bright flowers look really good.