Saturday, December 3, 2011

Never again

Every time that I make a bed-sized quilt I say "Never again", mainly because of the weight of the quilt through the sewing machine when I am quilting. 

Well the time that I have spent (or should that say "wasted")  this week on trying to get my blog to work I could have made a quilt. Firstly the language is all new - I didn't know what a "follower" was, for instance, outside of the religious context, but all my new followers just disappeared into the ether as far as my blog was concerned as did  those sites that I wanted to follow myself.  I listed them sooooooo carefully, they appeared for the length of time I was looking at the page and then "Biff" they disappered with any refresh of the page never to be seen again. With the help of Lovely Daughter I discovered that I had set the security on my computer so well that any determined purveyor of malware, adverts, spam, phishing, hacking  or even ladies who sew would find it impossible to do anything except bounce off my hard-drive!!!!!  By enabling my popup menus and disabling my cookie blocker I was able at last to see my followers (oh dear, that sounds a bit egotistical to a lady of mature years like me. ..  . ) and also see the sites that I had found to follow. 

All is well now? Well, actually no.  I still can't leave a comment on Lovely Daughter's blog as any words I may wish to send her just disappear too, never even getting as far as flying through the ether at all.  It must be a glitch I haven't found in my blog as I have tried a different computer too so I am still cut off.  Is there anyone out there who can help. All suggestions will be gratefully received.

Meantime, if I ever mention setting up another blog, just remind me . . . Never Again!!!!!!


Allie said...

Hey I always say never again too, lol - but somehow I always do.

As far as leaving a comment...there's a glitch, all right. Sign out of your blog, then sign back in, and leave the "remember me" box unchecked. You may have to sign in everytime, but you should be able to leave comments again. Let me know if it doesn't work!

And if you ever have a question, just ask - bloggers are a friendly bunch and very willing to help out~!

VivJM said...

Hooray for Allie!! I guess it worked cos I see you left a comment on my blog :-)

Val said...

Great to read your profile. I have only been patchworking in earnest for a year now. Made my first 2 quilts this year. Blogging and quilting go together very well I have found. Most bloggers using Blogger reply to their comments through their email. There is a box to tick in the blog setup if you want your email linked to your blog. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I want to make some more birds but use Australian native birds this time.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Keep going.... :)

Annette said...

I know the feeling ... I have only been blogging since February of this year.And I still have fun finding out where things are and how to get them on my blog. I have found if you ask questions the bloggers are willing to give you ideas to try to get you on the right track

Annette said...

you madw the comment "never again" I always say never say never.... you just have to find what works for you.
when quilting at your machine do you have something supporting your quilt like a small table or even you ironing board. creating a L shaped work aera to support the bulk of your quilt will help.
I have been abke to quilt king size quilts doing this. Hope my little tidbit helps.
in stitches