Sunday, January 8, 2012

January CQJP

Nearly a month since I last blogged but Christmas visitors have been and gone, my sewing room (converted over the holidays back to a dining room) is back in use and I have been hand sewing for a change, making a small square of crazy quilting for the CQJP. 

I had decided to base each month of the project on a different ecosystem and as I was given a selection of blue silk for a present, what could be better than to start with Seabed so here it is

I originally thought I would have lots of lovely little creatures on my seabed but quickly realised that there was not enough space so there are only two, a Cushion Star and an edible Sea UrchinJust as well, I think, as I have never embroidered on silk before and so thought it must need a stiff backing - not easy to sew, as I  soon found out (the backing, not the silk!).

Now all I need to do is to pluck up the courage to send the photo. Such a selection of beautiful embroidery has already appeared on the CQJP site that it has made me feel more than a little uncertain as to whether my block meets the rules, even.