Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well, having sorted out some of the teething problems in setting up my blog (and thanks for all the helpful comments which were gratefully received) I finally got round to some sewing.  At the last Quilt Fair I treated myself to Modern Blocks by Susanne Woods
 I knew I really had to make one of these striking  blocks when I realised just how many bookmarks I had in the book and here it is
 I really enjoyed sewing this but then came the inevitable question, "What shall I do with it". A bag. . maybe? I know, a quilt! So three more lovely patterns later and I havethe beginnings of  a very girlie quilt for my very girlie five-year old granddaughter

 Then I decided that I must be choosing the easy patterns so  decided on a paper-pieced block with triangles for a bit more of a challenge.  I drew the block on my computer and printed out four copies on really cheap photocopy paper ready  for sewing

 Added a few construction lines and and order number for sewing and hey presto. . . I'm ready to sew  the next block.

I must admit to already having a book on making  a sampler quilt together with a lovely selection of black, white, grey and red fabric but I just can't seem to start it. Mental block I suppose.  Oh well, maybe I'll end up with a thoroughly modern sampler quilt, lol.


Allie said...

I like the blocks and I really like the fabric - good for you! But paper piecing...ugh...

VivJM said...

I admire your paper piecing patience (ooh, alliteration!). Blocks are looking great, especially love the birdies.

Val said...

All the blocks look great. Quite unusual. I like the one above the birdies. Does it have a name?